James K. Hackett was the son of James H. Hackett, an actor renowned for his part as Falstaff in the London theatres. The son carried on the tradition, playing several parts from Shakespeare in the United States. He appeared first in 1892 at Daly's Theatre, New York, in The Taming of the Shrew and Twelfth Night. In 1897 he played Romeo at the Broadway Theatre with Olga Nethersole, and as Mercutio with Maude Adams as Juliet at the Empire Theatre in 1899.

In 1914 he toured with Othello as part of the repertory, and he returned to New York in 1918 to play Macbeth at the Century Theatre; he repeated the role in 1924 at the Forty-Eighth Street Theatre.

The picture on the left (courtesy of Mr. Robert J. Foster) is a cabinet photograph of Hackett in a play entitled The Crisis;the author of the play, the American writer Winston Churchill, adapted it from his novel. Hackett directed, produced and starred in it in 1902 at Wallack's Theatre, New York City. The photograph was taken by the Baker Art Gallery, Columbus, Ohio.

James K. Hackett
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