Hicks made his first stage appearance in 1887; soon after that he was engaged by the Kendals to join their company in a tour of America. He left their company in 1901. The only Shakespeare play listed in his long and busy career was an abridgement of Richard III in 1910. If he played other parts in Shakespeare's plays, I have been unable to trace them.

This is perhaps Seymour Hicks had another home besides the theatre; his first film was in 1913 when he played the starring role in Scrooge. He played in 22 films, and his last part in the movies was in 1948, a year before his death. He had a career behind the camera as well, filming, writing, and directing another fourteen flims. Because we usually see it once a year at Christmas time, his most memorable role is perhaps in the 1935 film Scrooge where he plays Ebenezer Scrooge in the production of Henry Edwards.

Seymour Hicks
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as Richard III in Richard III

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a studio postcard

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