Helen Maud Holt (she later became Lady Beerbohm Tree in 1909) first appeared in the play Sweethearts at the Gaiety Theatre in 1883, the same year she married Herbert Beerbohm Tree. She began her career in Shakespeare in 1883 when she played Olivia (she took the part again in a revival of Twelfth Night in 1902); she also played Anne Page in 1883. She had innumerable parts in popular contemporary plays, especially noted for her comic roles, but her contributions to Shakespeare were not insignificant. She played Ophelia (1891, 1882, and 1905), Anne Page (1883), Lady Percy (Henry IV, Part 1 in 1896), Titania (1900), Calpurnia (Julius Caesar, 1900), Mistress Ford (1903), Beatrice (1905), the Queen in Hamlet with H. B. Irving (1905), Portia (Julius Caesar, 1911), and Mistress Page (1912). Her last role in Shakespeare was as Mistress Quickly (Henry IV, Part 1) in 1935 when she was seventy-two.

Helen Maud Holt
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