Shakespeare Illustrated, begun in 1994 and scheduled to be redesigned in fall of 2016, presents a collection of 19th century paintings, criticism, and productions of Shakespeare's plays and their influences on one another.

The Introduction to Shakespeare Illustrated

The plays of Shakespeare are listed alphabetically. Under each play is a list of paintings based on that particular work.

The artists are also listed alphabetically. Under the name of each artist is a list of paintings based on various plays by Shakespeare.

The bibliography lists the works cited in Shakespeare Illustrated.

I have begun a new project called Shakespeare and the Players, a survey through postcards of the many now unfamiliar English and American actors who played Shakespeare's characters for late Victorian and Edwardian audiences.

A Note on Broken Links.

Harry Rusche teaches in the English Department of Emory University (Atlanta, GA 30322). You can contact him by e-mail at

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