James Northcote, A Monument Belonging to the Capulets (1789)

Oil on canvas, size approximately 108 x 132 inches, The Boydell Shakespeare Prints.

The full title of Northcote's painting depicting the last scene of Romeo and Juliet when Juliet awakens and Friar Laurence "dare not stay" is A Monument Belonging to the Capulets, Romeo and Paris Dead; Juliet and Friar Lawrence. The painting is almost life-size--9 x 11 feet--and made quite an impression on the public, appearing as it did as almost a setting on a stage.

The painting was reproduced in Boydell's Shakespeare prints, one a large plate engraved by Pierre Simon (No. XLIII of the second volume) and a smaller plate (not up to Boydell's standards for a major illustration) by James Heath.

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