Angelica Kauffmann, A Scene from (1789)

Copperplate engraving, engraved by Luigi Schiavonetti, size 8,5 x 11.5 inches, The Boydell Shakespeare Prints.

This is one of two paintings Kauffmann contributed to Boydell's Shakespeare Gallery. It is Plate XXXV, Volume II of The Boydell Shakespeare Prints. The painting was begun in 1788 and displayed at the Shakespeare Gallery when it first opened in 1789.

Kauffmann kept records of her work and she has this entry with the heading "Rome, February 1789": she says the painting

represents a scene where Cressida wife of Troilus being a prisoner in the camp of the Greeks, is in the tent of Calchas the great priest and her father, she is in amorous conversation with Diomedes, Troilus comes during the period of Armistice to visit the camp, accompanied by Ulysses and another warrior. He sees his wife in loving discourse with Diomedes and he wants to rush into the tent to catch them by surprise, but Ulysses and the other keep him back by force. The scene is rose-tinted by torchlight, settled for 200 guineas, that is 450 Zecchini. The two said pictures (A Scene from "The Two Gentlemen of Verona") and paid for with 1811 roman crowns at the exchange of 4 ¿ per pound Sterling by letter exchange payable within three months drawn on Mr. Boydell of London and given by the said Mr. Jenkins who paid the said sum. (Friedman, 154)

Kauffmann was a good accountant as well as a competent painter.

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