Cora Brown Potter

(1857-1936) The career of Cora Urquhart Brown-Potter, born in New Orleans, is fascinating. She married a New York City socialite, James Brown-Potter in 1877 and immediately became one of the most popular and active members of the New York “set.” She often was invited to parties because she was accomplished at recitation and would entertain after dinner with her declamations. She decided that perhaps her real vocation was on the stage, but that was certainly not a profession for aRead more

Hilda Bruce-Potter

(1888-?) Her first stage appearance was in 1907 and she soon joined the English Drama Society that same year and first played Shakespeare. The next year, 1907, she joined Miss Annie Horniman’s company at the Midland Theatre, Manchester, where she stayed until 1911. Among the many parts she undertook were Hero in Much Ado About Nothing. She also played Celia in As You Like It at the Queen’s Theatre, Manchester, in 1908. She rejoined Miss Horniman’s company at the GaietyRead more